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Corporate Religious Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI) Index 2023


Reported in: Wall Street Journal, NPR, Washington Times, RNS

Measuring the Fortune 500’s Commitment to Workplace Religious Inclusion

Fourth Annual Report, May 23, 2023

Executive Summary

The Intel Corporation is the most faith-friendly corporate workplace among the 500 largest companies in America, according to the 2023 Corporate Religious Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI) Index and Monitor. The other top faith-and-belief friendly companies among the U.S Fortune 500 include American Airlines (#2), which was #1 last year, Equinix (#3), PayPal and Salesforce (tied for #4), Dell Technologies (#6), AIG (#7), Tyson Foods, (#8), and Google and Texas Instruments (tied for #9). Intuit, American Express, Target, CMS Energy, the Ford Motor Company and NextEra Energy also take top spots among the Fortune 500, according to the 2023 REDI Index.

On the 2023 REDI Monitor, which tracks trends among U.S. Fortune 500 companies not yet participating in the REDI Index opt-in survey, the top scorer was Wayfair. Other top-scorers include: Ameriprise Financial, Aramark, Block, Cigna, IQVIA Holdings, KeyCorp, MGM Resorts International, Netflix, Northern Trust, PNC Financial Services Group, Qurate Retail, Securian Financial Group, and Uber Technologies.

Global Fortune 500 companies also opted in to the REDI Index survey for a second year, including Accenture, SAP and Bosch, with Accenture scoring within the top 10 companies overall. Also, smaller companies participated including Qualtrics, ServiceNow, and Kaiser Permanente, becoming the first health system to participate in the REDI Index.

Also for the first time, three European-based companies participated in the REDI Index survey: Italy-based TeaPak (a Yogi Tea partner), UK-based OVO Energy, and NATS (the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services). The OVO Energy will be recognized in July at an event hosted by No. 10 Downing Street (office/residence of the British Prime Minister) and NATS at a British Parliament event.

This broader corporate involvement in the REDI Index represents a 50% increase in opt-in participation. It demonstrates that the bench-marking metrics apply across industries as well as countries. And, with the new participation of three energy companies (CMS Energy, NextEra Energy and OVO Energy), there’s growing power behind this benchmarking initiative.

This is the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation’s fourth annual benchmark assessment of corporate America’s inclusion of religion as an integral part of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. It is the most comprehensive report on the state of religious inclusion in U.S. and global corporations, and it provides specific information about religious DEI practices being implemented in companies today.

General Fortune 500 Findings

  • — 219 companies (44%) mention, refer to or illustrate religion on their main diversity landing page, up from 202 (40%) in 2022.
  • — 43 companies (8.6%) publicly report having faith-oriented ERGs, up from 37 companies (7.4%) in 2022.

Key Survey Findings Among 25 Top Faith-Friendly Companies (REDI Index)

  • 92% featured religion on company’s main or other diversity page
  • 92% sponsor faith and belief employee resource groups
  • 88% share best practices with other companies or organizations
  • 96% clearly address religion in diversity training
  • 80% provide chaplains or other spiritual care for employees
  • 80% are attentive to how religion impacts stakeholders
  • 92% accommodate the religious needs of employees
  • 96% have clear procedures for reporting religious discrimination
  • 92% report that their employees attend religious diversity professional conferences
  • 72% match employee donations to religious charities

Top Faith-Friendly Company by Industry

#1 in Automotive Industry – Ford Motor Company
#1 in Semiconductor Sector – Intel Corporation
#1 in Airline Sector – American Airlines
#1 in Digital Infrastructure Sector – Equinix
#1 in Consulting Service Sector – Accenture
#1 in Financial Services Sector – PayPal
#1 in CRM Sector – Salesforce
#1 in Computer Hardware & Software Sector – DELL Technologies
#1 in Insurance Sector – AIG
#1 in Food Production Sector – Tyson Foods
#1 in Overall Technology Industry – Google
#1 in Retail Industry – Target
#1 in Health Sector – Kaiser Permanente
#1 in Europe – Tea Pak
#1 in UK – OVO Energy
#1 Outside US Fortune 500 – Qualtrics

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Data Summary

Companies not completing a REDI Index survey were scored separately by our staff in the REDI Monitor (full results beginning on page 30 of the full report) based on what is available on their diversity webpages. These results were added to the US Fortune 500 survey results in order to assess the state of workplace religious inclusion in all Fortune 500 corporations. REDI Monitor results are shown beginning on page 30 of the full report.

ERG Leaders of the Year

For the first time as part of the REDI Index, the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation is recognizing leaders of faith-based and/or interfaith employee resource groups (ERGs) that have made exceptional contributions to the broader corporate movement towards religiously inclusive, faith-friendly workplaces. 2023 recipients of the ERG Leader of the Year award are:

  • – Sumreen Ahmad – Accenture’s Interfaith Executive Sponsor
  • – Dale Konrad – Equinix’s FaithConnect
  • – Naomi Kraus – Google’s Inter Belief Network (IBN)
  • – Fr. Greg McBrayer – American Airlines’ Christian Employee Business Resource Group