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Odile Robotti

About ItaliaAltruista: ItalyAltruista wants to bring altruism around Italy. We would like cities where people’s needs are met. Unfortunately, sometimes those in need of help can not reach who can give a hand and vice versa. To achieve our goal, we support the creation of non-profit associations (similar to those already in Milan, Rome, Trieste, Bologna, etc.) that bring the two worlds closer together: those who can give a hand (or a smile) and those who need help. City after city, we want to improve Italy.

Nomination in Brief

Understanding and peace is possible when people of different faiths and ethnicities work together. Odile Robotti, President of ItaliaAltruista, works with Italian companies to arrange for employees to spend a day with people of different religions and backgrounds on volunteering projects. Differences and stereotypes are overcome as people work together for a common cause.

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Odile Robotti is an entrepreneur with a passion for inclusion, diversity and bringing people from different backgrounds together which have led her to start two non-profits and to join several non-profit initiatives in different capacities. Odile Robotti is managing director and founder of Learning Edge srl, a training and HR consulting company, co-founder and president of MilanoAltruista, a volunteering organization affiliate of HandsOn Network and of ItaliaAltruista, a not-for profit organization. Odile is also country lead for the 30% Club in Italy.Prior to founding Learning Edge in 2000, Odile Robotti was a consultant with McKinsey & Company, managing Italian and international projects for major companies. Earlier in her career, Odile Robotti worked at IBM Italy as senior account manager managing sales for large industrial clients, and as team leader of a group of analysts in IBM’s International Development Application Center. Odile also does some high-level training, consulting and coaching to executive teams and boards. She is particularly known for her expertise in inclusive leadership and is an advocate of women leadership. Odile graduated in economics from Bocconi University. She also holds an MBA from SDA Bocconi Business School, a Ph.D in psychology from University College London and is a certified coach (CPCP) of the International Coach Academy.Odile speaks English and French fluently, in addition to Italian.

More Detail

The basis of understanding and peace between different faiths and ethnicities is overcoming prejudice and seeing and listening with an open mind. The best way to combat religious and ethnical prejudice is to connect people who would not have otherwise the opportunity to do so. ItaliaAltruista, a non-profit with the mission of helping citizens, companies and educational institutions volunteer in their community, brings people of different religions and ethnicities together. For example, we set-up many volunteering projects with companies whose employees will spend a day with people different from themselves in socio-economic background, faith and ethnicity. The roles of volunteers and beneficiaries help people find common ground at a human level and see each other without stereotypes. Thanks to ItaliaAltruista’s work in 5 cities (Milan, Rome, Bologna, Trieste, Sesto S. Giovanni and Irpinia), employees and citizens get a chance to know personally people belonging to other ethnic and religious groups. This promotes mutual understanding and the vision that we are all human beings and interconnected to everybody else.

Nominated by:

  • Dr. Melissa de Teffé
  • International Corporate PR/Specialist US-South America market
  • Fondazione Teatro Regio di Parma | American University