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Muhammadu Indimi

About Oriental Energy Resources Limited: Oriental Energy Resources Limited engages in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. They do this by forming strategic alliances to leverage world class technologies and practices with local knowledge and experience to create an efficient, cost effective, and on-time approach to project implementation. Oriental stresses ethical practices and promotes corporate responsibility throughout all of its business activities.

Nomination in Brief

Muhammadu Indimi, CEO of Nigeria’s Oriental Energy Resources Limited, leads a religiously and ethnically diverse company viewing interfaith understanding as a guarantor of smooth business operations and local development. He has helped maintain peaceful coexistence in restive Niger Delta by financing community projects that empower and promote peaceful communities, and strategic conflict resolution.

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Dr. Muhammadu Indimi, born 1947 serves as Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Oriental Energy Resources Limited, Nigeria. He has close to 30 years’ experience in the Nigerian Upstream oil and gas sector. Dr. Indimi is an astute business man with a notable presence in the international business arena. He is a founder of many successful indigenous companies and sits on the boards of several companies, encompassing all sectors of the economy.

More Detail

Dr. Muhammadu Indimi is a humanitarian and a philanthropist and has received numerous awards as well as honorary doctorate degrees from Universities in Nigeria, Ireland and the United States. Through personal philanthropy and his companies’ corporate social responsibilities, Dr Indimi has helped in maintaining peaceful coexistence in restive Niger Delta region of Nigeria. He has financed community projects that empower and promote peaceful communities, and strategic conflict resolution. Recently, Dr Indimi has donated millions of dollars to the building of $14-million business center in Lynn University, Florida, which was named after him. Dr Indimi is a Honorable Patron of the World Muslim Leadership Forum whose mission include promotion of interfaith toleration and mutual respect.

Nominated by:

  • Mazhun Yau Idris
  • Nigeria Country Advisor
  • Center for Islam and Religious Freedom (CIRF)