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Maher Khedher

About World Wisdom Initiative: The goals of the World Wisdom Initiative are (a) To promote the culture of future thinking, sustainability, peace & wisdom; (b) To create a new generation of wisdom leaders who are able to see the big picture; (c) To set the basics for a wisdom index which will include many sub-components like; sustainability, peace, equality; and (d) To create wisdom circles and practices in all fields.

Nomination in Brief

Maher Khedher, Mediterranean Business Academy’s CEO, trained Tunisian politicians prior to the 2014 elections on topics including human rights and interfaith respect. This program led to the launch of the World Wisdom Initiative, which promotes peace, sustainability, equality and interfaith understanding by creating a new generation of wisdom leaders who can see the big picture.

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Dr. Maher Khedher / CEO of Mediterranean Business Academy/ Chairman of Arab Strategic Foresight Forum/ Secretary General of the Arab Federation for Management/ Founder & Chairman of World Wisdom Initiative. Maher is a change management specialist and a foresight expert. He has been lecturing and giving training courses on matters of leadership, change management and strategic foresight for more than 17 years. He launched many initiatives like the First Arab Strategic Foresight Forum, and the World Wisdom Initiative in order to enhance future consciousness and raise awareness about the major global issues of peace, sustainability, and equality. Dr. Maher was one of the advocators of the national dialogue in Tunisia which saved the country from civil war. In 2014, prior to election he launched a massive program of training for politicians in order to reduce hatred and increase interfaith and mutual respect.

More Detail

In 2014 prior to elections, Dr. Maher launched a massive program for training & coaching politicians on matters of leadership, human rights, interfaith, mutual respect, public speaking and awareness about the global issues. This program was called “Wisdomizing Political Practices”. In fact, this program involved many NGOs and opinion leaders who believe in the same principles. This program was later developed to be a global initiative for peace, sustainability and equality. That’s why in 2016 Dr. Maher Khedher along with some internationally renowned thinkers launched the “World Wisdom Initiative” in order to reduce the follies and increase interfaith. Mediterranean Business Academy, which adopted the world wisdom initiative is preparing now for a whole year of wisdom with 12 events covering the major issues of the day. This marathon of conferences and events will culminated by the World Wisdom Summit by the end of 2018 in order to start a new trend of wisdom and interfaith.

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