Working for workplace religious diversity, equity & inclusion


Presentation Materials for Legatus Vancouver – 9/2/21, 7:20 PM PDT

Something amazing is happening in some of the world’s biggest and most successful companies – they’re becoming faith-friendly. Brian Grim’s Legatus Vancouver presentation will show this burgeoning movement in all it’s variety! The following four short videos will be used during his presentation.

^ What’s the response to the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation?

^ Google premiered this video at our 2021 Faith@Work conference.

^ Hospitals, prisons and the military have chaplains. What about business?

^ The impact of a faith-friendly workplace is profound (excerpt from panel).

Conversation with Cardinal Dolan and Brian Grim

This video link can be shared in advance of the presentation if desired (it will not be used in the presentation).

In 2020, Dr. Brian Grim joined “Conversation with Cardinal Dolan” on SiriusXM The Catholic Channel to share with His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan how FaithA@Work is changing in the modern workplace. Watch his appearance above. The report they discuss is the 2020 REDI Index.