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2021 Global Business & Interfaith Peace Award: Following the sectarian conflicts in Iraq, many families were forced to flee the country in hopes of seeking a safe place to openly practice their faith and beliefs. In response, Khalid Khowshnaw founded the Hemn Group which combats any form of discrimination — in his construction company — including that of race, religion, ethnicity, or sectarian groups. The Hemn Group promotes inclusion of differing nationalities working alongside one another, oftentimes sharing in each other’s celebrations and feasts. They are also credited for providing jobs for countless Christians, Muslims, and Yezidi in areas that are safe to practice their faith and beliefs free of discrimination and facilitates the free practice of worship. This also creates an inclusive, sustainable economy, an antidote to sectarian conflict.

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Khalid khowshnaw is the successor of his father who established his business in Erbil city in seventh century. After few years he was able to establish his own business. Mr. Khalid’s clear vision to improve his business was his power to expand the work to cover a wider market place to become much bigger and to engage more tools for that purpose. In the 1990s, he established Hemn Company for trading, and in the 2000s he, with his brothers, established their second company (Hemn company for General Contracts). When he noticed that the success of the business is not possible without a strong infrastructure, he established their third company (Hemn group for investment, General trading, General contracting and construction materials industries) to specialize in producing constructions materials.

The projects that are under construction with Kurdistan regional government include: Erbil Ring Road 120m: The project is construction of the widest freeway (known as 120m) for 33 Km. Erbil Ring Road 150m: The project is construction of the widest freeway (known as 150m) for 70 Km. Erbil-Duhok highway: The highway to connect Erbil city with Duhok, 38 km-long. Italian City 1: This truly integrated community includes 640 residential units and 80 commercial units in different neighborhoods, each with their own distinctive style built on an area of 384827 m2. Italian City 2: 1,560 residential units is designed to the highest quality standards built on an area of 743,073 m2. Erbil city center and the airport are both easily accessible via a ring road.  New Azadi City: Built on an area of 766,150 m2, the development features 1,395 residential units. Phase 1 of the Project featuring 612 residential units is already complete, with Phases 2 & 3 planned for the near future.

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