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Horasis 2018: Religion’s Role in Business

7 May, 2018 Horasis Global Meeting Plenary Session

Estoril Congress Centre, Cascais, Portugal

Many global events seem beyond control and ultimately affect people locally. People become disillusioned, and without hope fall prey to despair and populism. How may we develop trust, faith and togetherness to enable inspirational progress that can develop economic, political and spiritual change? Businesses by and large are secular, but how are they impacted and inspired by religion?

– Chaired by Brian J. Grim, President, Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, USA
– Fleur D. S. Spari, Chairperson, Mahrberg Group, Liechtenstein
– James Kong, Asst. Secretary General, World Federation of Confucius Descendants
– King Husein, Chief Executive Officer, Span Construction & Engineering, USA
– Don Larson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sunshine Nut Company, Mozambique

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