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Corporate Human Impact Index

Measuring how business fosters individual and family wellbeing

The Corporate Human Impact Index (CHI Index) measures the factors of a social development programme which contribute to its ultimate social impact. The tool is intended to be defensible, transparent, comprehensive, comparable, replicable and maintainable.


Breadth of Impact – A measurement of how many people the project impacts.

Changing Paradigms – The degree to which the project encouraged mindset and behaviour changes.

Wellbeing – The degree to which a person experiences improved quality of life.

Empowerment – The degree to which a person or community is empowered to do what they wish to do.

Depth of Impact – The degree to which a project provides lasting, positive changes in a person’s life.

Quality of Project Implementation – A measure of how well the project was implemented.

A project of the Corporate Social Impact Institute, Seoul, South Korea