Working for workplace religious diversity, equity & inclusion


Maurice Ostro, OBE, KFO


2021 Global Business & Interfaith Peace Award: Maurice Ostro, Chair of Ostro Fayre Share Foundation, has been an interfaith champion for decades, serving as Vice Chair of the Council of Christians and Jews — the UK’s oldest interfaith organization — and as the Founding Patron of the Faiths Forum for London. Maurice has been involved in advising the UK Governmental, most recently on the Prime Minister’s Holocaust Commission. He has promoted religious inclusion in the businesses he has started and grown, providing workplace prayer rooms for all faiths represented by his employees to ensure that all feel comfortable practicing their faiths during the workday. Maurice has also established a social enterprise making jewelry in Burma, providing dignified, well-paid jobs to Buddhist and Muslim women and building bridges between these communities.

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Maurice Samuel Ostro, OBE, KFO is a serial entrepreneur in commercial and charitable spheres looking for innovative solutions to complex problems. He is the Founder and Chair of Trustees of the Fayre Share Foundation; Vice-Chairman of the Council of Christians and Jews & Founder Patron of the Faiths Forum for London amongst other charitable positions. His businesses have a commitment to positive social impact and he also uses his commercial perspective to create sustainable charitable activities. Maurice has created a number of companies in fields ranging from gemstones, ice cream, food manufacturing, media and logistics for the aviation industry. He invented and patented products and business methodologies internationally and won multiple awards for his business and charitable achievements.

Maurice has been involved in advising several UK Governmental bodies, latterly on the Prime Minister’s Holocaust Commission, as well as having been a mentor for Scotland Yard. Maurice has three degrees including an MA from Oxford (Honours degree in Jurisprudence), he is qualified as an Attorney at Law (Admitted to the New York Bar) and is an alumnus of New York University and Harvard Business School.

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