Working for workplace religious diversity, equity & inclusion


Kentaro Kawabe

Nominated by:

  • Chikara Funahashi
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Kentaro Kawabe has been serving as President, Executive President, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director in Z Holdings Corporation since June 2018. He is also serving as Director in SoftBank Corp. He joined the Company in August 2000. His previous titles include Chief Executive Officer, Executive Vice President, Managing Executive Officer, Executive Officer and Chief Senior Director of Media Business in the Company. He used to work for Dennotai Corporation, PIM Corporation and a subsidiary, GyaO Corporation. Mr. Kawabe is also on the board of SoftBank Corp. and T Point Japan KK.

Information about the policy, programme or initiative

1. Please describe a policy(s), programme(s) or initiative(s) that the Nominee (or the company the Nominee leads/led) has launched or spearheaded to advance the company’s efforts to champion interfaith understanding and peace (max 300 words)


2. Which category or categories does the policy(s), programme(s) or initiative(s) fall into:

  • – Core Business
  • – Social investment & philanthropy
  • – Advocacy and public policy engagement
  • – Partnership and collective action

3. Does the policy(s), programme(s) or initiative(s) address any of the following related to Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB):

  • – Promote sustainable and innovative business through protecting Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB)
  • – Non-discrimination and/or non-harassment on the basis of religion or belief
  • – Religious accommodation and inclusion
  • – Protecting and promoting freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) in the community
  • – Other (describe below, max. 25 words)

4. Please describe the objective of the policy(s), programme(s) or initiative(s) and the need, goal or gap that it was designed to address. (max 200 words)


5. How was the policy(s), programme(s) or initiative(s) implemented?  What role did the Nominee play? (max 200 words)


6. What were/are the most persistent challenges in implementing the policy(s), programme(s) or initiative(s)?  How were they/are they being overcome and what was the role of the Nominee? (max 200 words)


7. What are the key lessons learned from launching the policy(s), programme(s) or initiative(s)? (max 200 words)


Impact and Reporting on Progress

1. How do you monitor and evaluate progress on the policy(s), programme(s) or initiative(s)? If relevant, what indicators and metrics are used? (max 200 words)


2. What outcomes or impact have been reached to date? Please be as specific as possible and supply available data. (max 200 words)


3. Is the Nominee’s company reporting on its practices, policies, programmes and/or initiatives to champion interfaith understanding and peace? If so, please provide relevant weblink(s) for posting on the Awards’ website. If integrated into the company’s corporate sustainability report, Global Compact COP or GRI Report, please indicate relevant pages and/or sections. (max 200 words)


Additional Information:

A. How has the Nominee taken action to support and promote the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles? If so, please specify. (max 200 words)


B. Please provide any additional information to be considered.



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