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UK Religion and Belief Inclusion at Work Conference 2024

28 May, 2024

The current workplace landscape is witnessing a growing emphasis on religion and belief inclusion. This is crucial for creating a genuinely inclusive environment respecting a range of beliefs. Strides have been made to include various religious events and holidays, as well as reflection spaces for religious individuals. However, challenges persist, such as a lack of respect and tolerance towards different cultures and sometimes discrimination, whether intentional or unintentional. Companies need to engage effectively with employees to understand and meet their religious and belief-related needs.

  • — A study in 2013 found Muslims face particularly high levels of job discrimination, with Muslim men being up to 76% less likely to be employed compared to their white, male, British Christian peers. (Khattab & Johnston, 2013)
  • — Inside Out conducted an experiment in 2017 finding candidates with the “Adam” compared to candidates named “Mohamed” received 3 times more interviews, despite having identical CVs.
  • — In 2021 ComRes Faith Research Centre survey found about 3% of workers reported experiencing religious discrimination firsthand, while 4% were aware of others facing similar discrimination.
  • — By 2023, 219 companies in the fortune 500 clearly outline religion and diversity on their websites, up from 202 in 2022 and 43 companies publicly report having faith-oriented ERGs

Join us at The Religion and Belief Inclusion at Work Conference 2024 to collaborate on innovative approaches to harness the full potential of your organisation. Learn and benefit from a series of best practice case studies on a range of topics including creating flexible workplace policies to promote religious inclusivity, engaging with employees to assess their religious needs, and promoting education and awareness to create an open and productive working environment for all. You will also have the chance to network with senior colleagues and learn methods to drive support and wellbeing services that will allow your organisation to create an inclusive religious and belief environment.

Why Attend:

✓ Hear high-level keynotes on the latest initiatives in Religion and Belief Inclusion at Work from experts across a range of sectors

✓ Learn from case studies showcasing best practices in producing policies for religious diversity, support structures for employees, and celebrating such diversity

✓ Network with senior colleagues from a variety of sectors

✓ Gain 4 hours of CPD points towards your yearly quota