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Is religion at work legal?

27 Mar, 2024

How faith-friendly workplaces increase recruitment, retention & revenue

Many think that “separation of church and state” applies to the public sector. In fact, by US, UK and other laws, religion is a protected characteristic that must be accommodated in the workplace.

Join me on April 12th (details below) as I discuss how faith-friendly workplaces increase recruitment, retention & revenue. Such workplaces may have prayer/meditation rooms, chaplains, and/or faith-oriented employee resource groups (ERGs). REGISTER HERE.

In this holy season when Muslims are observing Ramadan, Christians are in Holy Week, Jews just celebrated Purim and Hindus Holi, etc., accommodating various faiths is a business imperative. (See Faith calendar from our friends at the Thanks-Giving Foundation.)

And if you can, please also join us in Washington DC for the 5th national Faith@Work conference, May 21-22!

Brian Grim, Ph.D.
President, Religious Freedom & Business Foundation
Global Chair, Dare to Overcome

In-Person Admission (includes lunch):

– Gold/Silver members – Prepaid (No Cost)
– Students – $15 in advance ($25 at the door)
– Others – $25 in advance ($35 at the door)

Zoom – $10 for MCLE (no cost for Gold/Silver members); Free to observe via Zoom. Email for the Zoom information, and to pay for the MCLE credit for Zoom attendees.

Location: Chapman University School of Law, 1 University Drive, Orange, CA

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