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Groundbreaking Gallup Faith & Wellness Study

11 Oct, 2023

By Brian Grim

Our Salt Lake City-based partner, the Radiant Foundation Faith & Media Initiative — together with Gallup — just released Faith and Wellness: The Worldwide Connection Between Spirituality & Wellbeing.

This groundbreaking global report, launched in London, uncovers ways in which spirituality can help address the global mental health crisis. This has direct applications for workplace health, as Paul Lambert and Stephen Courtright argue in their excellent piece in the Diplomatic Courier: Business Should Care About Faith.

I participated in the study, making several observations, including: “Accommodating faith and belief in the workplace impacts recruitment, retention, and revenue. Retention happens when you feel valued, and not just tolerated. That changes a job into a vocation. That significantly boosts recruitment because people place a premium on working at a place where they are valued. It definitely boosts revenue because when you have better retention, that’s revenue. When you have better relationships, that’s revenue. When you can recruit top talent, that’s revenue.”

In addition to engaging in groundbreaking research, the mission of the Faith & Media initiative also includes fostering more balanced news coverage of faith. An example of this is the media coverage coming out of our Unity in Diversity India initiative. For example, see the piece in India’s premier business publication BusinessWorld.

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