Working for workplace religious diversity, equity & inclusion


Business, goodwill, and making space for wholeness

20 Oct, 2023

A conversation about companies as systems of care.

We invite you to be part of this dynamic conversation with Brian Grim and James Rhee about how companies can support employees and relationships based on trust, respect, and authenticity, while reaching their financial goals.

The first part of the dialogue with Brian and James will last 45-60 minutes. We will then invite everyone to join breakout groups for 20~ minutes to connect and deepen the insights, together!

Tuesday, October 31

10am MX | 12pm NYC | 1pm BR | 5pm LIS

Subtitles in English, Spanish, and Portuguese will be available


James Rhee is an acclaimed impact investor, CEO, educator and founder of red helicopter. He marries the principles of finance and behavioral science with the creative process, unleashing brand narratives and organizational systems that have agile and structural integrity. He has implemented processes related to multi-stakeholder capitalism and multi-dimensional change, mobilized powerful and diverse ecosystems, and reimagined the future of work. He has been featured by TED Conferences, Brene Brown and Simon Sinek, and currently teaches his philosophies at Howard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Brian Grim is the founder of Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, and global chairman of Dare to Overcome, a corporate diversity initiative that promotes mutual respect and engagement among differing groups in the workplace. He is an expert at generating clear, rigorous, and comprehensive data about the international religious landscape and its socio-economic impact. Among other things, he has worked closely with the “Business for Peace” platform of the United Nations Global Compact, has been chair and speaker for the World Economic Forum on matters of faith, and director at Pew Research Center.

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