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Religion Most Popular “Industry” in US South, New Study

31 Aug, 2023

Religious Economy Thrives in 7 Southern U.S. States

A new study from OnDeck reports that “Alongside its industrial might, America is also renowned for its faith. A 2021 Gallup poll found that religion is ‘very important’ to 49% of Americans, while three in four identify with a specific denomination. It’s also big business. A report from the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation found that religion adds $1.2 trillion worth of socioeconomic value each year, equivalent to the world’s 15th largest economy.”

“Religious institutions, according to our research, are the most popular disproportionate industry in the U.S., with above-average representation in seven states. Four of these — Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina were listed among America’s most religious states in a Pew Research Center poll.”

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OnDeck analyzed LinkedIn data, using its Company Search filters to count and rank proportionately how many companies per industry are represented from a seed list of more than 100 different industries. OnDeck also calculated the frequency of an industry’s representation compared to its average number of roles per country or U.S. state.

The data of this analysis is from May 2023.