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REMINDER: Join us Monday!

28 Jul, 2023

By Kent Johnson

This is a reminder to register and join us MONDAY at 11am EST for a free, informative and interactive online discussion of the intersection of faith, artificial intelligence, and human resources.

On Monday, July 31st at 11:00 EST, we will co-host a virtual discussion by top experts from SAP, the EEOC, Vettd and the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation on how faith and belief contribute powerful ethical tools to navigate the AI revolution.

Companies are implementing Al in their business processes at a quickening rate. One of the areas for potential concern is Al’s use to facilitate Human Resource decision-making. If such uses are not carefully overseen by real people, the consequences can be destructive.

Question is: Who should have a seat at the table in designing oversight and tracking mechanisms? Who should companies consult as they consider the possible dangers that should be guarded against?

I hope to see you on Monday for this timely and informative discussion!