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The Future of Wellness Includes Faith: Global Trends Report 2023

27 Jan, 2023

It’s an honor to contribute to the Global Wellness Summit’s The Future of Wellness 2023, the highly anticipated annual global trends report relied upon by wellness leaders, investors and the media. To be released at a press event in New York City on January 31, this in-depth report is packed with insights on the key shifts impacting the business of wellness.

For almost 20 years, the Global Wellness Summit has been predicting many wellness trends that became billion-dollar sectors such as wellness real estate and femtech years before anyone else.

In my contribution, When Faith Makes Good Business, I look at how faith is emerging as a central issue to diversity and inclusion because it is not only good for business but also a contributing factor to health, purpose and resiliency.

Indeed, as companies continue to globalize – businesses that understand and adopt respect for employees’ faiths and beliefs are not only recognizing micro-level factors but also the macro factor that globally, religious populations are outgrowing nonreligious populations 23-to-1. To be fully competitive in today’s and tomorrow’s marketplaces, companies need to tap into the full identify, strength and potential of their employees by including religion (faith and belief, including non-theistic beliefs) as a full-fledged part of their DEI commitments.

Preorder the digital report by January 31 to save $20 and receive your copy the same day as leading media. View sample in-depth trends reports and learn more here.