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Faith and H.O.P.E. at General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT)

17 Dec, 2022

By Brian Grim

On Wednesday I had the honor of speaking at the Annual Meeting of GDIT’s interfaith employee resource group Faith and H.O.P.E. I came away seeing how their exercise of workplace religious freedom for all is a model both for the faithful in society as well as for society itself.

Rather than religion being a source of disagreement and conflict – as it can be at times – I had the opportunity to meet people from across the faith and belief spectrum coming together in HOPE: Honesty, Optimism, Prayer, and Encouragement.

This year, GDIT’s Faith and HOPE ERG has experienced double digit growth in members, hosted dozens of events and meetings, all with the mission to:

“promote understanding of the hope and resources that can be found through faith in God or a higher power or philosophical system, provide employees with a network of like-minded peers, address questions from those interested in learning more, and pray for GDIT’s success in its work and mission.”

It is indeed hopeful to see that in today’s best workplaces there is free space for such open dialogue and religious engagement. It is a great example of what we refer to as Covenantal Pluralism. If you’re not familiar with the concept, check out the short video below. Have HOPE!

Covenantal Pluralism from Religious Freedom & Business Foundation on Vimeo.