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Authentic Connections: Bringing my faith and beliefs to my workplace

27 Jul, 2022

At noon ET on August 4, join us for a tremendous opportunity to connect meaningfully with people of various faiths and beliefs in a Zoom-based discussion.

The following attendees have volunteered to serve as discussion leaders in the Zoom breakout sessions.

  • — Atheists & Agnostics: Julia Gratcheva, Intel
  • — Baha’i: Jenna Nicolas, Impact Experience
  • — Buddhist: Thong Yian Nee, Dell Technologies
  • — Christian: Barbara Phillips, Google, & Yvonne Lane, American Airlines
  • — Catholic: Brian Grim, RFBF (formerly Pew Research Center)
  • — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: King Husein, Span Construction & Engineering
  • — Friends of Bill (AA): Melissa Grim, RFBF
  • — Hindu: Milind Makwana; Bhawna Saxena, PayPal
  • — Jewish: Naomi Kraus, Google
  • — Muslim: Hadi Sharifi, Intel
  • — Protestant/Presbyterian: Kent Johnson, RFBF (formerly Texas Instruments)
  • — Scientology: Marsie Sweetland, Equinix
  • — Sikh: Neetu Dhaliwal; Harpreet Dhindsa, PayPal

We’d suggest the following questions; but each “room” will be free to chart its own path:

  1. (1) How does your faith relate to your personal identity – who you are?
  2. (2) What principles taught by your faith relate to the conduct of your work?
  3. (3) What does your faith teach about authority, teamwork, serving and work relationships
  4. (4) Other relevant facts about the other’s faith, such as the meaning behind their main religious holidays, clothing, diet, schedule, etc.

We hope many of you will join us for these respectful conversations, as we continue to promote meaningful, authentic connections.

Register for the Zoom event today.