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U.S. technology receives the highest positive marks of all U.S. exports

5 Nov, 2021

When asked to compare American technological innovations with those of other developed nations, respondents around the world give U.S. technology the highest positive marks of all U.S. exports, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. Full study.

Part of the secret sauce within America’s ongoing success is that top tech companies ranging from Intel and Google to Texas Instruments and tech-savvy manufactures such as Ford, encourage faith to fuel innovation and teamwork.

This past week RFBF President Brian Grim was invited by the two-decade-old Ford Interfaith Network (FIN) to speak on this innovation-generating faith-friendly movement, and RFBF Senior Corporate Advisor Kent Johnson led a panel of Texas Instruments interfaith pioneers to discuss its impact. Below, see what folks from Ford and Texas Instruments have to say!

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