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27 Nov, 2020

How to Welcome Faith Oriented Diversity in a Workplace: A Better Way

In this episode of The Forum Podcast, Dr. Brian Grim, Kent Johnson, and Paul Lambert of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation offer best practices to build successful & diverse religiously-inclusive workplaces.

Companies are increasingly intrigued or concerned about the growing emphasis on religious diversity at work. Increasingly, company leaders are realizing that, for many employees, it is their faith, more than any other single factor, that defines their core identity. When corporate culture constrains them from referring to their faith at work, they feel devalued, and forced “under cover.” They feel they can’t “be themselves.” They can become alienated from their work. Yet, many business leaders have no idea how to approach the topic of faith and belief in the workplace. They wonder: What are the best practices in this area? What are pitfalls to avoid? What can/should be done? We at the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation have been working for years with companies that are trailblazers in religious diversity. We can report that there is a better way. Join us to learn more!

Learning Outcomes
  • — Learn best practices through an overview of successful and diverse religiously inclusive workplaces
  • — Understand pitfalls to avoid by seeing cost of a religiously non-inclusive workplace
  • — Grasp breadth of the faith at work movement be seeing how it has grown in the past 12 months

Handout – Measuring the Fortune 100’s commitment to religious inclusion

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