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Corporate America Begins to ‘Believe’ In Making Faith a Workplace Priority

24 Aug, 2020

Religious freedom is more than a constitutional issue

by Heather Sells, CBN News 08-21-2020

Last month the international payment system company PayPal launched “Believe” – an employee resource group designed to promote awareness and understanding of workers’ faiths and worldviews.

And PayPal is not alone. Last year Walmart introduced its employee faith group, joining other top companies like Texas Instruments, American Airlines, Google, Intel, Facebook, Apple, Dell, American Express, SalesForce, and Goldman Sachs.

Dr. Brian Grim, the president of the Religious Freedom and Business Foundation (RFBF), spearheads the push to make corporate America faith-friendly in an era where most typically think about diversity in terms of race, gender or sexual orientation rather than religion.

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