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15 Mar, 2020

New business initiative invests to address social, health and economic impact of Covid19 outbreak

New offering creates 48-hour turnaround solutions focused on slowing negative economic impact, opening new opportunities for revenue growth and job opportunity across the globe.

IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Austin TX, March 16, 2020: Today was launched as leaders from around the globe galvanized together over the weekend to create new opportunities to stabilize the global economy and facilitate new revenue growth during a paradigm shift created by the Covid19 outbreak. COVIDxNOW is open to all and is specifically targeting women & diverse leaders and innovators and those corporations seeking to align with them.

COVIDxNOW is bi-partisan, open and respectful of all belief systems and includes leaders from Intel, the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, PVBLIC, as well as leaders from countries including Austria, the UK and others. COVIDxNOW brings a priority focus on stimulating new entrepreneurial innovations and business opportunities in tandem with efforts by global companies such as Walmart, Target and Google, who are partnering with government efforts to address the health crisis.

“Over the past 2 weeks. I have travelled to Washington DC, San Francisco and now in Austin and have seen firsthand in what is happening at the policy level, corporate enterprise, NGO’s and with small to medium businesses here in the US and globally. Answers and solutions are not happening fast enough. With COVIDxNOW and Rainmaking’s leadership we have activated a global team to coordinate immediate solutions to help large scale enterprises succeed while opening opportunities for small to medium businesses to grow” says organizer Ingrid Vanderveldt, Chief Impact Officer of Rainmaking US, and Founder of Empowering a Billion Women 2020 (EBW2020) and The EBW Foundation. She was the 1st Entrepreneur in Residence of Dell Technologies.

COVIDxNOW was set up in response to the wake of the global health and economic crisis being experienced across the world.

The primary purpose of the COVIDxNOW consortium is to bring to the forefront immediate, “rapid response solutions” to help solve some of today’s biggest economic challenges created as a result of the COVID19 outbreak.

The consortium will work to bring media attention, galvanize global leadership conversations and foster strategic “out-of-the-box” innovative thinking and practical tactics.

Any specific project requests that come to COVIDxNOW be coordinated by the COVIDxNOW team with the organizing committee and participating organizations.

The Religious Freedom & Business Foundation’s president, Dr. Brian Grim, also announced today that – as part of the COVIDxNOW initiative – the foundation will publish a daily blog highlighting news of positive and innovative business and faith actions that are bringing solutions. You can see the blog on the foundation’s Facebook page.

COVIDxNOW’s focus is solving the “task at hand”. That means, working diligently to see a “retreat” of COVID19 globally. As we come out of this period of time with COVID19, steps are already being put in place for a complimentary ongoing thought leadership, resilience initiative to support the “new normal” that can carry on for generations to come #world- strong.

The consortium, pledge and activities of the consortium are a 501c3 initiative organized under The EBW Foundation (Empowering a Billion Women Foundation) in partnership with the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation. All monies contributed to the COVIDxNOW initiative will remain in COVIDxNOW and its organizers to help distribute community information and grow the pledge base of companies seeking to participate.

For more information on how you can get involved, or to learn more about these solutions, please go to or contact Pam Pike at

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