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Separation of Church and Cubicle – Wharton Business School Analysis

6 May, 2015


Religion in America is once again undergoing a period of intense examination. The so-called religious freedom bills bubbling up in Indiana, Arkansas and many other states may rightly be considered thinly veiled reactions to same-sex marriage and the breathtaking speed with which it has gained acceptance.

But these bills might mask a trend of the past two decades among those with sincerely held religious beliefs: Workers are increasingly bringing theology into the office, factory, retail space and public sphere and expecting greater and sometimes surprising forms of accommodation. As a result, religious conflict in the American workplace is up. “It’s the fastest growth area in discrimination,” says Robert E. Gregg, an attorney with Boardman & Clark in Madison, Wis. In terms of litigation, “religion is growing faster than sex and race.”

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