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In Mexico, doors open for Foundation’s work

11 May, 2014
The Religious Freedom & Business Foundation’s work in sustainable economic development for religious minorities, help for business executives to engage on religious freedom, and a certificate coursein religious freedom & business received enthusiastic interest in Mexico last week, as Foundation President Grim held a series of meetings with key audiences.


ACADEMICS: The Foundation discussed the ways academics can contribute to the Foundation’s sustainable development projects and the certificate course with representatives from two of Mexico’s leading Universities, Monterey Technical Institute, and the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Grim has previously lectured for Monterey Tech as part of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s Faith & Globalization Initiative.

SOCIETY: The Foundation met with the Fundación Incluyendo México (Inclusive Foundation of Mexico) a foundation working for a sustainable and prosperous Mexico as well as the world at large, focusing on vulnerable communities and families. The Fundación Incluyendo has a broad network of business and civic leaders that are looking to engage in practical projects directed to these ends. The Fundación Incluyendo works with people of all faiths, including with the LDS Church in Mexico, which helped organize the meetings.

GOVERNMENT: Grim also met with several government leaders, including with Dr. Arturo Manuel Diaz Leon, Director General of Religious Associations, the Mexican agency that manages relations between the Mexican government and religious associations.

The Foundation anticipates further work in Mexico, beginning with a planning meeting in September 2014 and a forum in February/March 2015 to work on a sustainable business project that helps increase interfaith understanding and peace in southern Mexico, where traditional communities and newer faiths sometimes experience tensions and conflict.

For a summary of the religious freedom situation in Mexico, see the 2012 CSW report.