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Vesa Visa Viitaniemi

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Nomination in Brief

Working for people of all religious backgrounds, Vesa Visa Viitaniemi has been a global humanitarian, supporting entrepreneur schooling for 5000 poor in South Africa, a library at Tanzania’s Kibaha Orphanage, a children’s hospital in Estonia, providing a women’s leadership program in Ethiopia, and giving support for the needy and refugees in his home country, Finland.

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Born in Aura, Finland, January 7, 1962, Mr Vesa Viitaniemi served as President of Finnish Businessmen Mission Union 2010 – 2016. Today Viitaniemi is Honorary Chairman of FBMU. He is CEO of Southwest Finland Cooperative Bank from 1998. Dr Viitaniemi holds twenty-one administrative assignments, of which seven (7) are among humanitarian organizations. Viitaniemi was appointed by Government of the United Republic of Tanzania 2015 to be Honorary Consul ofTanzania having Jurisdiction on whole Finland. He is first-ever HC of Tanzania in Finland and currently only one in whole Scandinavia. Viitaniemi is honored in four continents, for his services to humans, regardless of religion, in Asia, America, Europe and Africa. Letter of Gratitude was given to Viitaniemi from Church of lngria, Russia 2016. Lutheran Church of Estonia has granted Viitaniemi Silver Medal of Cooperation 2014. Ethiopian Mekane Yesus Church honored 2016 Viitaniemi with Letter of Appreciation. University of lringa granted Viitaniemi Tanzania Developer’s Award 2016. Mr Viitaniemi is recipient of David Chow Humanitarian Award 2016, from USA. International, operating in 12 different countries with 20 000 members, Lazarus Union, awarded Viitaniemi as fourth person in the World, with Lazarus highest Grand Cross of Honor for services to Humankind in April 2017.

More Detail

As a President of FBMU, Mr. Viitaniemi has started several charity and developmental projects, like collaboration and support to lringa University’s Library Digitalization project Kibaha Orphan Village and ELCT North Central Diocese’s ICT project, all in TanzaniaSaagu VaIgus Youth program supporting poor families in central Estonia, donations to Tallinn Children’s Hospital Charity Foundation and remarkable support to free food delivery and sharing to those in need in larger Turku City area organized by Operation Ruokakassi association in Finland. Viitaniemi has made also crucial part to the Micro Entrepreneur program with FBMU in collaboration with Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Finnish-South-African Society in 2008-2013, enabling the entrepreneur schooling to 5000 uneducated, young, poor, black people in South-Africa. FBMU has been one of the key establishersof new Refugee meeting and learning point called Goodwill Centre in Turku Finland 2016.

Vesa Viitaniemi has personally dedicated to matters of charity and good will. In 2000 Viitaniemi supported his protege’s Estonian-Russian woman’s journey costs and hospital treatments for special Detox-hospital in Moscow. In 1999 he organized and paid several medical treatments for another Estonian in Finland. Viitaniemi has supported personally twelve (12) Tanzanian students, mainly from Arusha and Dodoma, with donations helping educational matters. He is supporting personally Kibaha Orphan Village with 14 Orphans aged from 7 to 16 years old in Tanzania. HC Viitaniemi supports NGO Gabriel Foundation and Bishop Mdegella Scholarship program in Tanzania donating for poor student study fees, regardless what is student’s religion. Mr Viitaniemi had the honor to receive Gold Sponsor Diploma from Tallinn Children’s Hospital Charity Foundation in May 2015 as result of remarkable personal donation.. Anna-Liisa Pohjola Fund, having Mr Viitaniemi as a Chairman from 2010 is supporting women’s leadership master program in Ethiopia, also Kibaha Orphan Village in Tanzania and special students from Africa with stipends in Finland. All these donations and programs regardless of supported person’s religion.

Nominated by:

  • Erkki Haarala
  • Director
  • Finnish Businessmen Mission Union