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Brian Grim, “Religious freedom is good for business.”

Hardwired* Video Lecture for South Sudanese Leadership

In this video, Dr. Brian J. Grim, founder and president of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, introduces how religious freedom is good for business, beginning with his interview after keynoting the first international religious freedom conference in the Caribbean.

Next is an overview of the business argument for religious freedom that he put forth at the first Ministerial on International Religious Freedom in Washington DC. This argument is then unpacked in a presentation he made at the global headquarters of the tech giant, Texas Instruments.

* Hardwired trains leaders to overcome intolerance and violence toward people of different beliefs throughout the world by advancing the rights and dignity of all people.


Two award-winning films on religious freedom and business are then presented. First, 12 business leaders from around the world who are advancing interfaith understanding, religious freedom and peace are introduced. Second, the $1.2 trillion US religious economy is overviewed showing how religious freedom works hand-in-hand with a strong economy.

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