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Andy Showell-Rogers

About Visible Clothing: Visible Clothing: “Fairness – Sustainability – Fun” FAIRNESS: All our garments are produced under the 10 principles of Fair Trade. This means we not only treating our team with equity and respect, but also our suppliers, customers, and the environment. SUSTAINABILITY: Fairness only truly comes when we make a commitment to the environment as well. With a growing consumer market and consumption of man made goods we think its essential to find ways to waste less, make smarter, and develop new production structures with the environment in mind. FUN: Life is short and we believe in cultivating an experience for our team and our customers that puts enjoyment at the forefront. In other words we believe in quality over quantity and running a business that is centered around positive values and interactions rather than profit.

Nomination in Brief

Andy Showell-Rogers, CEO/Managing Director, UK of Visible Clothing Company, works with interfaith understanding at the core of its staff, which includes Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. They strictly adhere to the 10 principles of Fair Trade, and their associated brand, Eternal Creation, produces all its clothes at a fair trade certified facility located in Dharamsala, India.

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Andy Showell-Rogers is CEO/Managing Director and Co-Founder of the Visible Clothing Company. Visible Clothing Company owns and operates a culturally and religiously diverse fair trade garment factory in Dharamsala, India, employing an ethically and religiously diverse work force and seeks to find multiple ways of people to fulfill their potential in a safe and empowering work place. Additionally, Visible has two ethical fashion labels – and Visible makes it easier for consumers who want to buy in line with their values by making the people and processes behind the clothes visible. Visible communicates how much the clothes cost to make so customers can judge whether they are being charged a fair price. In addition, Visible reminds customers that clothes are made by people who have dreams and goals like you and me, they are not faceless and are trying to do the best for their families like we are. Lastly, Visible makes clear the positive impact that occurs when consumers choose to buy in line with our values. Andy has a MA in Human Resource Management (with distinction) from Oxford Brookes and a BA in Management Sciences from Southampton University.

More Detail

One of Andy’s primary contributions to the organization in this content, has been the writing, rewriting and implementation of a values driven HR policy manual. Applying various lens to the manual has allowed management, owners and the work force to work cohesively together. Andy has brought his strong Christian faith to this process and the knock on effects of agreeing to the blue print for the organization that he is leading, have been huge. Working with Tibetan, Hindu and Muslims faiths can often prove difficult and can easily be exploited for traditional approaches of favoritism. Having a culture where everything is being made visible has changed the organization from a preference based approach to a embracing an inclusive and ‘fairnesss’ culture. The HR Manual has proven to be the back bone of the organization and has been used to drive effectiveness as well to generate additional financial investment to fuel the organization’s growth.

Andy’s faith motivation means that he has a core believe in Human Rights for all those who he works with, as well as to build a community at the work force that makes treating others in line with the ‘golden rule’ at the centre of the company. Collective bargaining was less focused on negotiation and tactical maneuvers but on listening, reflecting and trying to access what was in the mutually beneficial best interests. Changing the thinking to collective collaboration has reduced tension between team-mates and removed the barriers to being focused on the higher level vision.


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